Sophie Lavoie

ArnoldCiné 2014

Cinégrafismo is the dialogue between the next generation of Cuban and Quebec graphic designers and filmmakers . This exceptional encounter made them imagine the renewal of the film poster through the creation of 24 still unpublished posters and the publication of a book.

Poster for a movie about a young woman who is having a test for sexual transmitted infections. More questions she is answering from her docter, more she seems to share private moment to a complete stranger. This meeting is leaving her into a deep sens of vulnerability. The illustration shows the unveiling of the woman through the silhouette who is disconnecting from the other one and also the feeling of loneliness and sadness of this one.

A Cuban movie poster honoring a person well-known in a small village. Like a gravestone, this film is a testament to his life. Even though this last is absent throughout the film, the poster shows a character who comes to life again under the filmstrips like a kind of reincarnation.